Spin-Clean - Record Washer MKII Limited Edition

A Spin Clean is absolute must for anyone that listens to the records on a regular basis. Preowned records, usually, have never been cleaned properly. Even a new record has release agents all over them. Listen to a record before and after cleaning, the change is shocking. Added Bonus is your stylus will last longer too. Mike @ Audio Two
  • Spin-Clean
  • Compact size to allow for easy storage
  • Patented vinyl record washer limited-edition
  • Added maintenance for your collection
  • 45th Anniversary metal placard and outer box
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

By popular demand, our Spin-Clean "Clear" Deluxe Kit has returned! This NEW 45th Anniversary Limited-Edition translucent unit now includes everything you'd expect in the Spin-Clean Deluxe Kit, PLUS our new Spin-Clean Anti-Static, Carbon Fiber Record Brush. How effective is the Spin-Clean Record Washer? With our innovative see-through design, you can actually witness the process of your Spin-Clean removing the dirt and dust from your vinyl records! While supplies last. This Limited-Edition Spin-Clean MKII "Clear" Kit includes all of the extras you get in the Deluxe Record Washing Kit, plus the innovative see-through basin and the NEW Spin-Clean Anti-Static, Carbon Fiber Record Brush. Only available while supplies last.

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