Ferrum ERCO - Headphone amplifier and DAC

  • Ferrum Audio
  • 4,4mm or unbalanced 6,35mm headphone jack outputs
  • Discrete/IC hybrid design
  • Suited for high end personal audio
  • Can be used in a full hifi system with XLR outputs to a traditional amplifier
  • Enhanced sonic transparency
  • Ferrum Power Link with connects to Hypsos Power supply

The whole design remains focussed on a balanced and very transparent sound signature, making listening fatigue something of the past.

Industry leading technology is applied. All digital ports are optimised for audio, MQA decoding and rendering is optimised for use with internal ARM chip.

The signal path is truly balanced from early D/A stage and becomes truly balanced using the RCA inputs.

ERCO comes with a carefully selected DC power adapter. To get the most out of ERCO you can connect it with HYPSOS using our proprietary Ferrum Power Link DC power cable(ordered separately) This Unique output cable design: two wires delivering the power and two wires providing the feedback to ensure flat voltage at every moment. We named this technique Ferrum Power Link (FPL) and it eliminates the harmful effects of the cable's resistance effectively improving transient response. The current delivery speed at the powered device's input is significantly improved.

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