A musical experience

A feeling, an emotion, a sense of…. we can’t really properly put it into words, we always seem to come up short. Whether it’s a person, a beautiful place, a picture or a stunning piece of music. There are never enough words to describe it.

A beautiful piece of music, to you, not someone else, is very, very meaningful, it’s how it makes you feel. It seems to be able to bring back a feeling when everything was clicking and going your way. You will likely alternate between styles either to bring yourself up or to settle yourself down. Music speaks to your authentic self.

It’s quite amazing today to be able to bring this art form with us everywhere we go, in our pocket, in our car. It streams easily thru the internet, can be played back in full and with extreme detail. Modern records and turntables playback albums in an exceptional detail. When you can hear the room, the studio, the beginning of the note being played on a guitar, really feel engaged in the music and the hair on your arms stand up. This is truly a beautiful experience, one that we don’t seem to get tired of. Music engages us like no other art form. 

My joy is in being able to share this experience with family and friends. This extends into the service we provide at Audio Two, and, how to put the pieces together. It’s about you and giving the best, most honest advice possible. We’ve done the homework so you don’t need to spend days researching. We talk together and have you describe the sound you want. We will then select components, so you can listen in a calm, relaxed space.

I’ll leave you with a question, what room would you love to have great, really great sound in?