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Clearance items

Please see the News section for current sales or call for latest availability.

Current used / demo equipment in Audio Two's inventory include:


  • Adcom GFP815,new,phono,tone controls,remote $750
  • Audio Alchemy Tape Switcher (demo), $50

  • Hegel HD30,dac/pre(new) ,contact for package price w/ amplifier,excellent for an all digital system
  • McIntosh C40,box,no manual,$2750 
  • Mitchel & Johnson 5800,display unit,black ,list $2300, has excellent phono stage, $1150 
  • Naim NAC 102,$895
  • Naim NAC 82 w/mm phono boards,box,manual,$1895
  • Naim HiCap,olive,$900
  • Naim Uniti Serve( trade in,bal. of warranty) recently updated, pre loaded with music $1995
  • Rogue Audio 66 w/tube phono,silver,mint( in storage for the last several years) $1495 

Power Amplifiers









  • Belles Soloist 5,nos,5 year warranty, $895 
  • Bryston 2B-LP Pro, one year old,warranty, $1300
  • Adcom GFA 555,125 w/ch,new,$1195( matching pre available for a package price)
  • ATI AT602,60 w/ch,mint condition,good starter basic amp,excellent for powering add on Atmos channels$450

  • Cyrus Amp Xw/PSX R power supply,display units,list at $3850 for $1925
  • Hafler XL-280,tested, 140 w/ch,$395
  • Mc Intosh MC 7270,270 w/ch,meters,$2500
  • Mitchell& Johnson 5815,black,150 w/ch,list $2300,display unit $$1150
  • Naim NAP 180,$1295
  • Project Amp Box SE monoblocs, ideal for ATMOS add-on,display $695

Integrated Amplifiers




  • Cyrus ( similar to 6A), $495
  • Cyrus Streamline 2,display,listed at $2300 for $1200
  • Classe CAP 150,silver,box,manual,remote,auditioned and bench tested,$895
  • Arcam A29,new,full warranty,$1295 or possibly less with speaker purchase
  • Cambridge Minx Xi,black,mint, $595
  • Melody Dark EL34.demo,mint,smooth and detailed,list $4800 for $2500
  • Simaudio 250i,1 year old,balance of the warranty,$1695 
  • Receivers
  • Please call for latest information
  • Geneva Bluetooth&fm radios:model M @$295, model XS @$189,batterry powered Portable @$149 Ideal for the cottage or garage. better speakers in them than the B---. M has an aux input for a CD player,etc.


  • ASW Opus L14,black/walnut,demo $795( less than half price)
  • Arcam rCube,powered wireless speaker $295 ( ideal for cottage or garage)
  • Dynaudio Excite 34,rosewood,demo,,half price
  • Epos K1,black,demo,$495
  • Focal Bryd 2.1 powered sub/satellite,demo $495,ideal add on for TV sound
  • Focal Aria 905 ,new ,but opened box $549/pair
  • Green Mountain Eos,$1995/pairw/box. Funky looking but great sound,particularly with tubes or other time coherent electronics,listed at $5000
  • MJ Acoustics Reference 100 Mk II subwoofer,black ashw/box mint $450  
  • Leema Xero,gloss zebrano,new old stock, List $1195,for $650
  • Monitor Audio Silver RS1,walnut,box,very good shape (t.i.),$495
  • Monitor Audio Gold,  C350 center,piano black,demo, list $2195 for $1100 plus tax 
  • Martin Logan Spire, boxes,manual $3900 
  • Neat Ultimatum MF5.mint condition,original crates,listd at $13,995,current replacement cost $18,995, $4995 or $5495 w/trade in Classe CAP-150 integrated amp,unbeatable sound for the money 
  • Neat SX3,walnut,mint,$1150
  • NSMT Jazz,skinny floorstanding, single driver,ideal for surround effects channels or small rooms $295/pair
  • QAcoustics QA2000C center,graphite, $125

  • QAcoustics Q 2070Si,sub,demo,$380
  • EPI tweeters and 6" woofers( reconed) ,tweeters $25,woofers $45
  • single original Spica TC-50 mid-woofer, $149
  • Role Audio Kayak pair,nos,red birch with Totem Dreamcatcher sub( cherry)/outboard amp $895
  • Role Audio Enterprise,review sample $1699 ( below current dealer cost),someone is missing the boat on this well reviewed pair
  • Totem Dreamcatcher sub( t.i.) w/ new outboard amp, mahogany $335,we can make a killer small sub/satellite combo for $750
  • Totem Thunder II subwoofers,matched pair( consequtive serial numbers) in cherry,$2750 or $1550 individually,1 year old
  • Others - call for latest information

Digital Equipment


  • Exposure 2010/S2 CD,black,( nos) $1295

  • Musical Fidelity KW transport and dac,excellent condition,boxes,manual,etc.,just gone over and new tubes installed in the output( complete bill of health),$1795 
  • Meridian 508, mint complete with box,remote and manual, $995
  • MicroMega WM-10 DAC,Apple Airplay $695
  • Micromega MyDac,new in box $150 
  • Wadia 151 dac/amp,demo $495
  • Analog Equipment& Turntables
  • Elipson: various models , excellent sound/dollar and available at an insane price( free)with an electronics/speaker package 
  • Project Classic $995
  • Refurbished 70's and 80's turntables
  • Acoustic Solid 111 Metalw/optional base,Rega RB202 arm,Nagaoka cartridge,$2500( lists at $4700). precision German engineering and build,boxes,etc.
  • Dual CS5000,semiautomatic belt drive,choice of mm or MC,spare headshell,$495
  • Rega RP8 w/inner subchassis only( no outer plinth & dustcover but with Michell Unicover),excellent condition,$1895
  • Rega PL6 new in  box
  • Rega P1,new
  • Ear Max headphone amp
  • Please contact us for our current inventory
  • We can make up several different complete vinyl playback systems comprised of a good turntable,electronics and speakers for $500 to $1000. Why buy a big box store "cheapy" and wreck your your newly purchased vinyl?

Home Theater

Cambridge Aero,home theater package,Aero 6( flr stdr),5( center),3 ( di-pole rear),Martin Logan Dynamo 500.$2750 list for $1395,new in boxes. Substitute Aero 2 ( bookshelf) for the Aero 6 and make it $995 

Cambridge Minx 10,black,(5 of them,trade) $49 each,new matching subs available

Monitor Audio Radius 45( white),factory stands( silver) with built in wire management $295

Monitor Audio Radius 180 center( sliver) $125

Totem Dreamcatcher Sub cherry, w/outboard x-over amp $295



Focal Aria,1 pair 905,900 center, Sub 1000, total retail$$3995 for$2299 or add a Cambridge CXR200 and Cambridge Minx for rears to make it $7695 list for $3850. All items are new with full factory warranty. 

Klipsch Theatre 300( sub 6 and 5 small speakers) $195

QAcoustics: ,Q2000C,QA270 sub( see speaker list)

Paradigm Reference Studio ADP vs.2, brushed graphite bi/dipole surround,box,$949/pair

Paradigm Cinema 100,pair,gloss black w/desk stands,$179,ideal for rear speakers

Yamaha RX-V663.original box,$175

Cambridge 340R,silver,5'1 w/hdmi,excellent condition but no box or manual. Exceptionally good sounding unit,would do for a very good medium powe stereo receiver 



QAcoustics 2070Si sub,graphite,demo,$395

Monitor Audio Silver( call,we can make up a package)

Monito Audio Gold ( call,we can make up a package),Gold 100 and C350 in stock, just add Silver 100 or 50 for rears

Onkyo TX NR-757,no box,$299 

Pinnacle Ochti( pair) white, on ceiling,ideal for rears or Atmos,$150

Project Amp Box SE,100 watt monoblocs,ideal for Atmos,display units $695






  • Please contact us for the latest available tuners


Company Information

    The old Banwell and Tecumseh location has been gone since Nov.2016..

    However,the same great friendly service and advice is still available. The catch is you have to make an appointment. This allows us to better serve you and have the appropriate equipment on hand in a normal,real world domestic environment that is acoustically neutral.

    We search out equipment that offers excellent value and if a good pre-owned or clearance item helps the budget so much the better. 

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