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Clearance items

Please see the News section for current sales or call for latest availability.

Current used / demo equipment in Audio Two's inventory include:


  • Audio Alchemy Tape Switcher (demo), $50
  • Conrad Johnson PV10AL,new tubes but no box $695
  • Naim NAC 102,$895
  • Naim NAC 202,$2000( see power amps for NAP200 and special) 

Power Amplifiers








  • Belles Soloist 5,nos,5 year warranty, $895 
  • Conrad Johnson MF 2100, $795
  • Copland CSA 515,150 w/ch,hybrid, $1395
  • Arcam Delta 290,black,90 w/ch,update service in the past year, $449
  • Naim NAP 100,trade,no box $795
  • Naim NAP200$2000( buy it and matching NAC202 and get a free pair of Naim Intro speakers)

  • Project Amp Box SE monoblocs, ideal for ATMOS add-on,display $695

Integrated Amplifiers




  • Cyrus ( similar to 6A), $495
  • Copland CTA 405, box,remote,manual,mint$3495
  • Arcam A29,new,full warranty,$1495
  • Advance iX60 w/dac and phono,new $499
  • Cambridge Minx Xi,black,mint, $595 
  • Receivers
  • Please call for latest information
  • Cambrige 751R,trade in,factory updated, $695


  • ASW L-14,walnut/black, display,list $1795 for $895
  • ASW Genius 310,piano black,demo,$1600( half price)
  • Acoustic Energy Aegis Evo III,floorstander,cherry $449w tax
  • Arcam rCube,powered wireless speaker $295
  • AudioSpace 3/5A demo,$595
  • Focal Bryd 2.1 powered sub/satellite,demo $495,ideal add on for TV sound
  • Focal Aria 905 ,new,in box $549/pair
  •  JL Audio f112,gloss black,mint $2499
  • Leem Xero,gloss zebrano,new old stock, List $1195,for $650
  • Monitor Audio,Bronze BX5,walnut,$595
  • Monitor Audio Silver 2.piano black,new in box,$850
  • Naim Intro, black, $695
  • Neat Ultimatum MF5.mint condition,original crates, $6495
  • Neat SX3i,light oak,boxes and grills,1 year old,$2695
  • NSMT Jazz,skinny floorstanding, single driver,ideal for surround effects channels or small rooms $295/pair
  • QAcoustics QA2000C center,graphite, $125
  • QAcoustics QA3010,graphite, $299,3000C center,$299 as a package $499 or all 3
  • QAcoustics Q 2070Si,sub,demo,$380
  • EPI tweeters and 6" woofers( reconed) ,tweeters $25,woofers $45
  • single original Spica TC-50 mid-woofer, $149

  • Role Audio Enterprise,review sample $1699 ( below current dealer cost)

  • Others - call for latest information

Digital Equipment


  • Exposure 2010/S2 CD,black,new in box $1295
  • Arcam CD27,new,full warranty,$1295
  • Cary CDP 1,$495
  • Cyrus CD8, demo, new updated transport $1295
  • l
  • M2Tech e-Young w/Palmer power supply ( demo) $995
  • MicroMega WM-10 DAC,Apple Airplay $695
  • Rega Apollo R,demo $695
  • Wadia 151 dac/amp,demo $495
  • Analog Equipment

  • Project Classic $995
  • Refurbished 70's and 80's turntables
  • eg. Yamaha YP-B2,semiautomatic almost mint,minor marks on the dustcover $250
  • Taya DP500,rosewood plinth,transcription type,$250
  • Edwards Audio TT1 Mk2,$495
  • Ear Max headphone amp
  • Please contact us for our current inventory
  • We can make up several different complete vinyl playback systems comprised of a good turntable,electronics and speakers for $500 to $1000. Why buy a big box store "cheapy" and wreck your your newly purchased vinyl?

Home Theater

Cambridge Aero,home theater package,call


Focal Aria,2 pair 905,900 center, Sub 1000, total retail$$4995 for$2799 

QAcoustics package( 1 pair Q3010,Q3000 center, in graphite),new $495,add Cambridge Minx for rears


QAcoustics 2070Si sub,graphite,demo,$395

Monitor Audio Silver( call,we can make up a package)

Monito Audio Gold ( call,we can make up a package),Gold 100 and C350 in stock

Pinnacle Ochti( pair) white, on ceiling,ideal for rears or Atmos,$150

Project Amp Box SE,100 watt monoblocs,ideal for Atmos,display units $695

Arcam Delta 290,pre owned.well suited to power Atmos speakers.$449






  • Sangean HDT-1X,receives HD side band, $195

  • Please contact us for the latest available tuners


Company Information

    The old building is being torn down and a new location is not ready yet.

    For the time being we may still be reached at the umber listed belowl
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    Tel: (519) 979-7101

    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday - Friday:Appointment only
    Saturday: audiotwo@mnsi.net