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Mar. 8',2021

We all survived the winter,the snow is disappearing,the sun is shining and it looks like spring isn't far away.

The used list is getting shorter but could stand to be even shorter so now is the time . "One offs" don't last forever. It isn't unusual to have to reply to an enquiry with "I sold that two weeks ago". 

Stay tuned for some exciting new developments.

DEc. 28,2020

In this ever changing musical chairs of prsoducts and distributors,two are back home. We are now taking orders for Chord electronics and Spendor speakers.

I addition,we now have a new product line Nu Prime. In addition to some inovative compact Class D amps,they make superb D/A converters that are paired with a very high qualty analog volume control with enough output to drive quality amplifiers to full output. The majority of other dacs that offer this facility do so in the digital domain and/or do not provide enough output to drive an am to full output let alone with the clarity that the Nu Prime offer.

Dec. 24,2020

Hurray! We are still here. There was a glictch in the computer system that prevented any updates being made. Fortunately it didn't seem to impede activity which in itself made finding time to cure the problem difficult as well.

We will be updating the news and preowned list shortly. In these difficult times,stay safe.

All the very best of the season


Don't have wireless capability on your current high quality electronics? We can help. $200 add on wieless Bluetooth Apt X receiver/dac allows music streaming or storage transmission directly to your existing systm.

Aug. 24,2020

Apparently all the pandemic safety measures have had a good effect.

We thought things might get rather quiet but the opposite has been true. We have  been doing a lot of repairs and equipment upgrades as well as sales. If you are looking for specific pieces of equipment please let us know. As we are closing lines out or brokering the sale of used equipment there are often bargains to be had but not listed.

Now that many are still working from home, we have sevaral compact systems and speakers that lend themselves to desk top or small space usage including Bluetooth enabled integrated and powered speakers from $349. Ask!

We can now demo at socially safe distances. All that we ask is that you make an appointment,wear a mask and observe the distancing recommendations.

Stay safe

Mar. 24,2020

Things change. We are still shipping. Unfortunately listening visits are on hold until there are clear signs that Covid -19 is under control. If everyone stays home and practices "social distancing",statistics are on our side in lessening the negative impact.

Play a game,watch a movie,read a book,listen to music and talk to family and friends via phone,etc.,it beats the "doom and gloom" of the news channels.

Stay safe and well

March 16,2020

It has been a busy winter and we got off lucky weather wise,but now,we are now faced with an almost total lock down over Covid-19.

We still ship and fortunately with access by appointment there are no crowds to contend with. We can make some modestly priced packages for home theater to help keep the family entertained or music related components to make the isolation more enjoyable.

However,above all else stay safe and healthy

Dec, 24,2019

Closed Dec.25, Dec.27 at 1PM,all day Dec.28

Open Dec.26,30,31



Monitor Audio: Bronze series @25% off,Silver series@ 10% off

All in stock suwoofers,home theater speaker packages and sound bars on clearance @50% off retail( or less)

Rega: we can make a complete system of PL6 turntable,Elicit R integrated and RX-5 speakers( preowned and new) for a very good price

In stock cables,power cords and power conditioning including Nordost,Analysis Plus,MIT,Shunyata,etc on special.

Nov 28,2019


In stock new items available at 50% off retail plus tax and shipping. The retail is listed per item.

Arcam A29 intrgrated amp  $1895

Elipson turntables: Alpha 100 $500,100B Riaa $675,100BB Riaa Bluetooth $750, Omega 100B $700, 100W Riaa Bluetooth $900, 100R Riaa $800,  Carbon 100 $1100

Rega P1 $595

Roksan K3: integrated $2499, CD $2499, DAC $2499, 

Hegel HD30 Reference dac/pre $5999. SOLD

Dynaudio speakers: Contour 30 $13,000. Excite 34 $4700, Emit 10 $1300, Emit 20 $1600


All Nordost 10 % off including custom orders

Oct. 24,2019


Only one Shuyata Denali 6000T left at 50% off. Besides the electronis turntables and speakers,if you ever want to upgrade your system,now is the time.  There are power cords,interconnects and speakers from Nordost,Shunyata Research,Audience and more as well as power conditioners

Sept. 21,2019


Hope everyone had a great summer. Now that it is over it is back to music.

If anyone wants a great deal on seriously good audio,now is the time. All sales are on a first come,first served basis. Local customers get preference. Layaway is possible with a 50% deposit. The goal is to have everything cleared out by November.

Aug. 08,2019

LIQUIDATION of DISPLAY STOCK from the Kinsville showroom and more.many at half off retail or more.

July 20,2019

We have now closed out our display at the Kingsville location and for the time being are available at the Essex location only. We welcome enquiries from all our old customers and those seeking new and used equipment plus repairs. All that we ask is that you call and make an appointment first.

The upside is there is a clearance of some of display fixtures and equipment from the display. This includes items from Cambridge,Rega,Arcam,Target,Dynaudio,Dynaco,Adcom,Roksan,Hegel,Mitchell& Jorhnson,Simaudio,Teac,JL Audio Kirmuss,Nordost, Shunyata,VTL  and more.

However,there are also new arrivals. Parasound: Hint 6 and the new 200 integrated, JC2 BP pre with A21+ amp plus,all the phono stages,all incredible best buys. Tri-art turntable and phono stage( made in Canada).

Elipson turntables "free" with purchase of select speaker,electronics packages .

Shunyata Denali 6000T line conditioner demo's on special-call. Only 2 available at half off 

Repair sevice is now only available through the Essex office.



Closed DEC.24,25,26 and 31. Open Dec. 22,27,28,29 

The Essex office will be open Dec. 31 until 4 PM but closed Dec. 25 to Dec. 28

Best Wishes of The Season To All


Turntables:we have a wide range of quality tables at the Kingsville location including the newly arrived Oracle Origine and Paris plus Transrotor,Acoustic Signature,Elipson,Edwards and Project. There are a limited number of Rega as welll( P1,P6 and arriving soon,a trade in RP8

Electronics: Have a budget? Glen can custom fit a system for you from new or quality pre-owned and he knows where the bodies are buried. Drop an e-mail or give him a call.

The Kirmuss record cleaner worked spectacularly well. There will be an, unfortunately necessary, price increase beginning Dec. 20. 

Nov. 26,2018


On Sat. Dec. 01,we will be demonstrating the Kirmuss Audio Ultrasonic cleaning system from 10 AM until 3 PM. Bring a couple of records to try and revive.

Nov.19, 2018


Most things are now in place in the Kingsville location with the exception of the used and clearance items and for those you still need an appointment-it changes sometimes daily.

Don't buy a turntable anywhere else without checking here first. There are some exciting new arrivals plus we deal in all thing vinyl including expert set up- we don't just sell boxes.

Parasound has returned to the Canadian market and we are pleased to be one of the limited number of dealers. Through out the years their electronics have gained great critical acclaim while still being affordable. If contemplating the purchase of any pre/power or  larger integrated you may kick yourself if you don't check them out.  

Oct 18,2018


Gene Petrusenko is joining us to man the showroom. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in audio,particularly the high end and the more specialist areas. He will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. As for Glen,he is back and forth dealing with repairs and product evaluation so it is best to make an appointment with him.



Julius's wife got a good job out of the area,so he had to move. We will definitely miss him. However,that creates a very good opportunity for someone interested in audio and custom install consultancy. Please submit a resume to either Audio Two or Home Logix( Kingsville).


Mitchell and Johnson S800 pre and S815 power amp. A full featured 150 w/ch combination designed and built in Britain at a price for considerably less than anything that isn't built in China.

Nordost Special

Until the end of Oct, Nordost is offering the QKore products at 10% off. This grounding system offers enhanced performoance for refined systems either audio or video no matter what the components of choice.

June 07,2018


FINALLY-well sort of. The Kingsville location( 106 Wigle Ave) is open for retail business Tues through Sat 9 to 6( 5 on Sat). It is a bit of a "soft" start,until the rest of the acoustic panels are in place ,we can't put all the equipment on display.    We would like to welcome Julius on board,he brings a strong audiophile background and knowledge and a willingness to help. It is the same low keyapproach as the old Banwell and Tecumseh road location but with more space-and no stairs!

For used and clearance items,it is still best to contact Glen directly ( 519 979 7101). Even though there is more space,we would like to reserve that for the display of new product. Glen will be shuttling back and forth from his office in Essex and the Kingsville location so if you want him best to contact ahead of time.


Monitor Audio Studio speakers. Technology derived from the $7500 and up Platinum Series for only $1800 per pair

Hegel Rost and H190 integrated/dacs

Simaudio Ace integrated with phono and streaming

May 13,2018


Rogue Audio RH5: tube heaphone amp/pre,Class A in April 2018 Stereophile Recommended components and only $3399 and made in the USA

Kirmuss Ultrasonic vinyl restoration system, $1000. There is nothing else even close

April 20,2018


Harbeth speakers: P3ESR and SHL5 PLus available for audition.

Exciting new Monitor Audio arriving soon.

April 04,2018

SURPRISE,a 250 w/ch basic power amp stable into 2 ohm loads and able power difficult speaker loads. Sure there are amps that do that but at a price. This one is only $2099 plus tax and has the rare ability to be "tuneful" while doing so.certainly one we can think of that is more than double that price.

Mar. 24,2018 

More new arrivals

Acoustic Signature turntables and tonearms. Precision made in Germany,from $2299 complete

Dynaudio Special 40 stand mount speakers,these nip a the heels of speakers twice thepric,Rare and hard to get

The new Chord Qtest DAC has arrived. It ouperforms others at several times the price.

Mar. 12,2018

Another new turntable,precision, made in Germany, turntable is ariving soon. This one has superb machining and assembly and offers a 10 year warranty plus a choice of very well designed tonearms. Some turntables are often sold as prepackaged with arm and cartridge,mostly because it takes no skill on the part of the dealer but also it does not reveal design limitations.


We suppose it is flattering that the "copy cat" people are advertising a tube brand which is something we have done for years. It  helps to have an understanding and experience and to have the services of a really good tube technician Ours has designed tube amps and is the service depot for one well regarded manufacturer of tubes and amplification.

We carry not just one brand and below are just some of the possibilities with others available for the asking.

Croft,made in Britain

Copland,made in Denmark

Hafler/Dynaco,made in Canada

Unison Research,made in Italy

 Rogue Audio.   This one tends to fly under the radar. Tube and tube/hybrid electronics made in the USA yet still affordable. The all tube 100 w/ch Cronus Magnum MK II integrated lista at $3499 and powers difficult speakers with ease. The hybrid Sphinx II with remote and phono which has long been on Absolute Sounds award list lists at $1899

Feb. 23,2018 

More new arrivals.

The Dynaudio Contour 20 speakers are now on demo. Don't buy the French ones until you have heard these.We will give you a smoking deal on a pair of Sopra One(Sorry,now sold). However,we can tell you what modestly priced amplification works well with them.

Audio Analogue Cento integrated. superb solid state with the sweetness and refinement of tubes and a great mm/mc phono stage.

Rothwell Rialto mm/mc phono stage. HiFi Choice rated it above the Rega,etc in the same price range 

Edwards Audio turntables and upgrade parts. A highly viable alternative to Rega with parts to upgrade both Edwards and Rega

Abyss Diana headphones


New amplifier range arriving next week that is sonically better than one widely sold Canadian brand with similar features but at almost half the price. An ultimate-no but probably unbeatable for the money if you want power without the forwardness and edge that often goes with low price,high power amps.

New arrival. Dynaco Stereo 70 Series 3.a classic design modernized and with definite improvements. MADE IN CANADA

Dec 08

The new Monitor Audio Silver 300,s have arrived. Already receiving "Best Buy" accolades on their own,we also have the Roksan turntable and electronics that achieved best sound/dollar awards fronting them in both Munich and TAVES press coverage this year.

Also just arrived the new Heed Elixer integrated amp. It is highly flexible while offering a natual midrange that precious few other brands offer even at far greater prices.

Nov. 13  

Beside custom install the new collaboration can supply Anthem,Yamaha, Paradigm and Totem besides the specialist audio we are already known for.

We were going to announce some early Black Friday specials on Sat. until we realized that was Remembrance Day. It would have been rather disrespectful.


The summer flew by. Things are falling in place with the new collaboration with the biggest problem being time.They are busy doing superb custom installs and I am still helping customers find product. That being said,don't be afraid to contact us,there are things we would rather sell than move again.

There are some exciting new arrivals in amplification that better yet are affordable.

Simaudio Neo 240i: streaming,phono integrated under $3000 and Canadian made

Hegel H90,integrated with buit in dac,it drives even difficult speakers very well

A surprise: a $1500 integrated with phono that has some of the best midrange reproduction at any price. It and its slightly more expensive  brother are solid state for tube lovers who don't want tubes

Unison Research Triode 25 tube integrated back in stock

June 17

More TURNTABLES; the previously mentioned new Elipson tables are now in stock. These offer much of what the other two main tables in the $500 to $900 range but presents a " blacker' background than either and if a builtin phono is required this range truly excells.

Don't forget we have over 30 years experience specializing in turntables and even if you can get one from the "johny come lately,me-two dealers",our setup and makes the difference. We,also help you find what will work best for your needs,not just sell you something.

At the upper end of things  we now carry Transrotor. The sonics and flexibility is excellent as is the build quality plus they make most others look like a toy. For the June and July there is special offer of two arm/cartridge packages on the Max table at $4610 and $4740 ( standard package $5650)

NEW RETAIL location,coming soon( and even more product choice)

April 22,2017

TURNTABLES: as well a Project we carry the highly critically acclaimed Rega line plus a new also award winning range of $500 to $900 tables. As far as upper market,don't buy anything until you have talked to us.

Sorry to miss Vinyl Day,out of town travel calls.

Feb 11,2017

New arrivals" Belles Aria integrated amp,Chord DAVE dac/pre,Gold Note PH-10 phono stage

On demo,by appointment Focal Sopra 1

Jan 02,2017

We stock a wide selection of quality turntables from Project,Thorens,Audio Technica and the new Rega Planar models plus phono cartridges ans accessories. We also service quality turntables(but please,no internet plastic wonders or old compact stereos with a cheap turntable on top).



There is a new location coming in 2017 but in the meantime do check in with your needs. We try and list the clearance items and prices but there is way more in stock and I am still ordering in product for customers.

The balance of the inventory is in climate controlled storage so I may need a day's notice to get whatever is needed for audition. However,it is worth the effort and wait,there are signifigant savings on great sounding gear.


Wed. Oct. 19,2016 

Many thanks to those who bought equipment during the sale and saved us from having to move even more stuff. That proved a major undertaking. Even more thanks to the loyal customers who helped move all that was left( still a major undertaking).

Yesterday the power to the building was shut off and the remnants are being found by flashlight. In another couple of weeks,the building comes  down.

The phone number and the website remain the same. Sales are either internet or by appointment only and I may need a day or two if there are specific items to be pulled from storage.

Shortly there will be a major announcement as to a new location.


The last sales day at 11400 Tecumseh Rd R will be Oct.14,2016. All layaways and consignment pieces must be removed by that date unless otherwise arranged .

If there is anything you want,now is the time!



It was the best of times,it was the worst of times.

The new location will not be ready in time and we have to be out of the current location by mid October. That means we have get rid of most of the in store inventory remaing,including the cables stands,etc..

The good part is that those who have made the effort walked away with some bargains. Others have missed out but there is still quite a bit,too much for me to list everything. However,if you are looking for mass market product,we generally don't carry much,just the things that sound good.

On the other hand,we have some exciting new products including the Simaudio ACE do everything integrated, Nordost cable elevators and new 1000 w/ch monobloc amplifiers. 


July 25,2016

Prices have been added to the used ist

June 27,2016

Summer is here,audio may not be on everyones mind but there are bargains to be had.We really don't want to have to move items to a new location so now is your chance.Unlike the "me too" copycat we are serious.


In addition,all in stock tube amps are available at current cost and there are turntable specials. Used speakers wthout boxes are also being cleared. Of course all that would be meaningless,unless they were good sounding pieces in the first place, If you wver saw the shop you would understand that we do not have space for junk.

May 02,2016

Construction continues,the roof leaks and the yard is a mess. However,inside it is still the same friendly service.

We would like to clear most of the current stock,so there are deals to be had.That includes Revel,Melody,Prima Luna,Dynaudio and other acclaimed audio and accessories at current cost.

There is also a wide selection of pre-owned Naim,so we can put together some rather attractive,great sounding systems with pre-owned Naim,KEF and Neat speakers.

There are also a number of compact electronics and speakers for those with space issues.

However,what is more important,is that we will help you put together a great sounding system.

Despite all the above,there are new items as well. The new Audio Alchemy electronics are on display and Shunyata Research cables have arrived as well as new product from Hegel and Rogue Audio.

Now to go and make more space 


Thanks to those customers who made "Customer Appreciation Month" a success.

Now we are on to the next phase. The bad news: our current location will be a pile of rubble by next summer. The good news is there will be new location on the ground floor at last. Basically downstairs and 100 feet to the left. Inpreparation for that there are a number of things that we really don't want to move. Check the used list and give us your wish list,we can probably work something out that is mutually beneficial.

Happy shopping. 

Oct. 10,2015

Ostober is our 28th anniversary( almost 21 in this location) and in honour of that we made it 

Customer Appreciation Month

All previous customers can buy one item at the current wholesale cost.

The catches:It must be in stock only

                No trades accepted

                It can be for no more than what you purchased in the first place

                If you have a trade in still sitting on the used shelf that gets deducted from the available amount

                It is cost plus applicable taxes,OES fees and if on credit card, the fees

Thanks and happy shopping

June 22,2015

Summer has arrived. Late winter and spring were a bit of a blur and left little time for updates However,there are some new and interesting things.

Two great new DAC's: Simaudio 280-very open sounding and you can now sream BlueTooth Apt X to it.

                           Chord Chordette 2Qute ( same processing as the Hugo) for those who do not need the latters                               portability and headphone amp and at a lower cost.

New Dynaudio Focus XD powered speakers with built in dac. Just add source,analog or digital

New QAcoustics 3000 Series speakers. An evolution of the acclaimed 2000 incorporating elements from the Concept series-now even more of a bargain.

For those that have or are considering buying Simaudio Evolution sources or preamp, the 820S Power Supply serves two units,makes a big difference, If into improved power cords,you only now would need one really good one to serve two components.

Speaking of which we stock Nrodost and have the new much improved QBase.

The Arcam home theater trade up program continues until Aug. 01. Bring in any home theater receiver( dead or alive) and receive 20% off the AVR450 or AVR750

There are bargains to be had in the used section if you budget is tight. It changes frequently and on a first come,first served basis.

Enjoy the summer


Cec. 20,2014













  • NSMT The Chorus wall mountable slim loudspeakers are in stock for your evaluation. They have a 96dB sensitivity in an easy to drive package that can be hung on either side of flat screen televisions or stand mounted with an optional dedicated stand. These work absolutely beautifully with low powered equipment such as the Mini-Watt 3 watt per channel tube amplifier. These speakers are only 4.5 inches deep to intigrate well in any setting. Two finishes are available.



  • Also available now are loudspeakers from Q Acoustics. These extremely affordable speakers which are designed in Great Britain, sound great and are easy to drive. They are suitable for either home theater or music. The 2000 series lineup includes a tiny bookshelf to a fairly large floor stander. They are available in a graphite or walnut laminated finish or, for a premium, either in gloss white or gloss black. These are high value products with impeccable manners. We invite you to come listen to these speakers and see if they are right for you.

February 28, 2011 

  • We welcome Volent loudspeakers amongst our speaker lines. Come and hear the awesome Paragon VL-2 at the store... they will amaze! They are a stand mount design with very high quality parts and a gorgious finish. They have a frequency response specified at 30Hz to 60,000 Hz. They are equiped with a twin-ribbon type tweeter and a woofer comprised of syntatic foam, carbon fibre, and titanium in a sandwitch construction with a vapour deposited titanium outer layer. Once you here them, you'll be spoiled for anything else!




Company Information

    The old Banwell and Tecumseh location has been gone since Nov.2016..

    However,the same great friendly service and advice is still available. The catch is you have to make an appointment. This allows us to better serve you and have the appropriate equipment on hand in a normal,real world domestic environment that is acoustically neutral.

    We search out equipment that offers excellent value and if a good pre-owned or clearance item helps the budget so much the better. 

    Enqueries welcome





    Tel: (519) 979-7101 for Glen


    Monday: Closed
    Tuesday - Friday:Appointment only
    Saturday: Appointment