` Dynaudio Walker Audio Audio Analogue Cambridge Audio NAIM

Brands of audio accessories carried by Audio Two include:



  • AKG
  • Abyss
  • Audeze
  • Beyer Dynamic

  • Grado Labs
  • HiFi Man
  • Sennheiser
  • Stax

Wire (Interconnects, Speaker Wire and Power Cords)

  • Acoustic Zen
  • Analysis Plus
  • Cardas
  • Chord
  • Furutech
  • Gutwire
  • Harmonic Technology
  • JPS Labs
  • Madison Audio Labs
  • MIT
  • Neotech
  • Nordost
  • Oyaide
  • Reference 3A
  • Synergistic Research
  • Shunyata
  • TEO Audio Liquid Cables
  • Tributaries
  • lLine Conditioners
  • Audience
  • Audio Prism
  • Furutech
  • Nordost
  • Oyaide
  • Quantum Technology
  • Richard Gray
  • Shunyata Research
  • Synergistic Research


  • Charisma Function speaker stands
  • Dynaudio speaker stands
  • Quadraspire equipment and speaker stands
  • Solid Tech equipment stands
  • Norstone equipment and speaker stands


  • Audio Prism Ground Control
  • Black Diamond Racing isolation devices
  • Cardas Caps
  • Eklusiv Audio isolation devices and caps
  • Furutech wall plugs, IEC cable ends, de-magnetisers and vinyl record flatteners
  • JPS Labs wall plugs
  • Melange isolation feet
  • Nordost isolation feet and speaker bi-wire jumpers
  • Oyaide distribution bars
  • QED
  • Shakti EMI/RFI control
  • Still Points isolation devices
  • Trulift,tonearm lift for end of play autolift on manual turntables
  • Walker Audio isolation devices, speaker bi-wire jumpers and EMI/RFI control


  • Audiophile CDs
  • Re-issue vinyl recordings


Company Information

    The old Banwell and Tecumseh location has been gone since Nov.2016..

    However,the same great friendly service and advice is still available. The catch is you have to make an appointment. This allows us to better serve you and have the appropriate equipment on hand in a normal,real world domestic environment that is acoustically neutral.

    We search out equipment that offers excellent value and if a good pre-owned or clearance item helps the budget so much the better. 

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